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How Many 2017 NBA Mascots Can You Name?


The Ultimate NBA Mascot Quiz

You call yourself a fan and yell at the screen as the timer counts down, but how do you react under pressure? We’re separating the bandwagoners from the true fans by testing your knowledge of the spirit behind the teams - the mascots. Take this quiz to find how many NBA teams you can name in 4 minutes.

To get started, simply click the "Play Quiz" button. All you have to do is type in the name of the NBA team, and if you correctly named the team, it will automatically fill in. Remember, you only have 3 minutes!

Did you ace that quiz? If so, here's a little more of a challenge. Try and match the name of the team mascot with the name of the team!

How'd you do? Share these quizzes with your friends to see who can get the the highest score? If you're acing these quizzes like a champ, see who can ace it in the fastest amount of time!

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