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A good mascot will increase revenue while adding entertainment value to your organization. But a successful mascot program is the result of more than just a great costume. You may know that Alinco has produced many of the top mascot costumes across the globe, but did you also know that we provide mascot training and consultation services customized to your organization's needs?

Alincos service will help your orginization:

CREATE A PLAN. As with any marketing endeavor, it is essential to develop a clear and specific plan. Take the time to define the objectives of your mascot program. These early steps will direct your entire mascot program and help you avoid costly errors later on.

BUDGET EFFECTIVELY. Your mascot should be considered a valuable investment. Many organizations don't recognize the potential of their mascot programs and fail to fund them sufficiently. A well-managed mascot program will encourage fan loyalty, which translates into greater consumer confidence and improved sales and revenue. Take time to learn the fundamentals of an effective mascot budget.

BUY THE BEST COSTUME. The best mascot costume will not only look good, it will provide the features needed to perform and to interact with fans. Learn what the best costumes can do and how much they may cost. Buy the best costume your budget will allow. It will pay off in the end.

FIND THE RIGHT PERSON. Finding the right mascot performer is not easy. A mascot requires an uncommon person with a unique set of skills. Your mascot plan should guide your selection of a performer. Learn how to contact potential performers and what it takes to conduct proper auditions.

PROVIDE TRAINING. Your performer may already have many astounding skills, but a successful mascot program will provide opportunities for continual development and training. Mascot training should enable your mascot to more fully meet the objectives of your mascot plan. Discover the needs of your mascot and the resources available to provide proper training.

MARKET YOUR MASCOT . The primary objective of your mascot program is to successfully promote your organization. Dollar for dollar, your mascot can be one of your most effective marketing tools. It provides a sense of stability amid an ever-changing organization. In a short period of time, your mascot will become better recognized than any other marketing tool at your disposal. It is essential to learn effective methods of mascot marketing.

MASCOT CONSULTANT - Jon Absey, Professional NBA Mascot

Jon has been a professional mascot for 16 years. With the Utah Jazz, he has developed one of the most successful mascot programs in professional sports. He founded and has hosted the NBA Mascot Convention for 10 years. He serves on the board of several charitable organizations, such as Happy Factory and the Firemen & Friends for Kids Foundation. He has received over 30 community awards for his service.


To book or inquire, call 1-800-845-2272, or click here to contact us

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