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Alinco respects the privacy of its clients and partners. Alinco does not track or record personally identifiable information on its web site except that which is volunteered knowingly. Alinco does not sell client contact information to third parties for any reason. Like the majortiy of web sites, Alincos site may use cookies to enhance your experience. These cookies relate to session tracking, personal preferences and contan non-personally-identifiable or anonymous information.

Alinco Copyright, Trademark, and Licensed-use Information

“Alinco”, “Alinco Costumes”, “Alinco 100”, and “Creating the World's Best Performance Mascots Since 1961” are trademarks owned by Alinco, Inc.

Alinco's mascots are licensable characters. Unless otherwise noted, all Alinco mascot characters, including images, illustrations, designs, costumes, photographs, products, and services are copyrights, trademarks, trade dress and/or other intellectual properties owned by, controlled by or licensed to Alinco or third parties.

No unauthorized use of trademarks or mascot images, artwork, character likenesses, or costumes is permitted. Alinco will aggressively protects its legal rights.

Licensed use includes the following:

  1. Approved distributors and agents may use photo images of Alinco's mascots to promote and market Alinco's costumes and accessories, provided that the Alinco copyright notice is displayed.
  2. Upon purchase, end-users are licensed to use the Alinco mascot costume and photos of the costume to represent and promote their organization at public events. Alinco's mascot characters and costumes should not be displayed on commercial television or feature films without prior written consent from Alinco, Inc. Limited use is granted for display in newspapers, local news television, and other local promotion and publicity activities. Use of Alinco's mascot characters, likenesses, artwork, or costumes is not allowed for merchandise such at t-shirts or other apparel, plush toys, or other printed merchandise without written consent from Alinco, Inc.

Custom Development Terms:

  1. Payment Terms:  Alinco Costumes requires a 50% deposit with the balance due before receipt of the costume
  2. Alinco Costumes will retain all intellectual property rights until final payment is made. After final payment is made Alinco Inc. will release all intellectual property rights will the exception of the following. Alinco Costume will retain rights and ownership of all original art, molds, patterns, and trade secrets used in the development of the mascot costume.
  3. Alinco Costumes Inc. may use, publish, or submit the costume or Alinco Costumes' drawings, sketches, or other work product developed in the course of creating the costume for self-promotional purposes (e.g. portfolio, trade show displays, etc.) other than on or in connection with consumer products. Alinco Costumes does not do so prior to the official unveiling of the mascot costume.


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