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​Why Have a Parade Mascot?

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Why Have a Parade Mascot?

Parade mascots are those cute characters that we see at community parades. If you are a brand or business that wants your company, business or product reach new, organic traffic, well, a parade mascot can help you out with that! Brands want to get noticed by new traffic and what better way than to promote your business through a community event.

Alinco Costumes has parade mascots that are suitable for most community events. These can be bought from the mascot catalog that you will find on their website. If you were looking for a custom designed mascot, Alinco Costumes also designs mascot costumes from the ground up. In fact, they have provided parade mascots for schools, organizations, businesses, brands, and even mascots for professional sports teams.

A parade mascot will definitely make the little ones smile. Parents, grandparents, caregivers, and children will come to recognize and love seeing your parade mascot in the next community event. Who can ever forget going to a Santa Claus parade, a St. Patrick’s Day parade, or any other significant community parade as a young child and raising your hand to wave at the character mascots sitting on a float or marching at the front of the band!

Some examples of custom mascot costumes our company has designed have included-

We have many animal costumes such as Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear or the Easter Bunny. Birds, dogs, cats, forest animals, and insects are just a few catalog selections that we have in stock. Human mascot costumes are also our specialty.

The next time you are thinking about marketing your product, service, or business. Think about getting a parade mascot from Alinco Costumes. We manufacture high-quality mascot costumes that you will be proud to own!  

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